How to track all of this…

Since we have the (un?) realistic goal of going to all of the breweries and wineries in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, we need a way to track it. I had made an AWESOME list of all of the breweries and wineries over the summer, but since then my computer crashed. A new list will be constructed, but looking at the accomplished….

I just ordered a map of each state from (again, for free). Once I receive them, I am going to paste the maps onto cork and cut each one out in the shape of the state. Add a pin in one color for every brewery and another color for every winery (labeled of course), and put into a shadow box frame. Something we can be proud of 🙂

Not all of the wineries or breweries have had glasses available, so between the maps and the glasses, it will be nice to keep track of where we have gone.

Friends, if there is a winery or brewery you would like to join us for, please let us know. Or, if you are game for any, let us know when works for you. Cheers!


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