Flag Hill Winery

488041_745753412343_149977491_nTo begin my February Vacation and end Michelle’s (Mark’s sister), the three of us went to Flag Hill Winery in Lee, New Hampshire in 2013. Little did we know, it is also a distillery.

Flag Hill’s tasting room is on location. We have found that some of the wineries in Northern New England have separate facilities for their wine making and wine tasting, but Flag Hill has it all on the same land plot. It appears to be a beautiful place, somewhere worth going back to during the summer, to enjoy a picnic before or after a tasting.
Upon arrival, we were each given a list, with wine on one side and liquor on the other. We were told to pick 8 from the list, but still remaining in order from the list given. Try wines before liquors and whites before reds. They also have a port wine. They create wine that reflect the flavors of grapes that are grown only in the Northeast region, so you won’t find a Chardonnay or a Merlot, but other delicious white and red wines. They also create delicious fruit wines, including Apple Cranberry and Blueberry.

Apple Fruit Wine, similar to a Crisp Apple Cider. Michelle took this one home

Vignoles, semi-sweet white wine. Enjoyed this one, but it wasn’t exactly for me. Not sweet enough
Cayuga White, DELICIOUS, sweet, white wine. I left with two bottles of this one!
Josiah Bartlett Barrel Aged Apple Brandy, great apple/brandy flavor. 
 White Mountain Moonshine, white whiskey. Mark bought one of these. Really enjoyed it. Loved that it was called moonshine as well

Strawberry Liqueur, would be perfect in a mixed drink! We all tried this one

Flag Hill Winery and Distillery offers tastings
Wednesday-Sundays 11am-5pm
Definitely worth the time to go. 

Woodstock Inn and Brewery

Mark and I have been to the Woodstock Inn and Brewery a few times, most recently being this past summer (of 2012).


The Woodstock Inn and Brewery is located in North Woodstock, NH. We have been there both in the Winter and the Summer. My first time there was during the winter. We had dinner there (delicious) as well as a Brew Sampler each. Their Brew Samplers are beer flights. You pick 4 of their beers that you want to try, and receive 5 oz of each. This was a few years ago, so I am uncertain as to which ones I had tried, but I remember enjoying their Old Man Oatmeal Stout.

Last spring I went to a Beer Tasting in Plymouth, MA (with my awesome parents) and Woodstock Inn and Brewery were there. There we had our first opportunity to try the White Mountain Raspberry Weasel Wheat. Great combination of a fruity wheat beer. Not too sweet and quite enjoyable on a warm day.

This past summer, while in North Woodstock, we stopped by the Brewery again. We were pleasantly surprised by the expansions they had completed on the building. There is now an expansive outdoor bar (DAM bar), and two other bars. The DAM Bar uses beaver trees as roof supports and other salvaged wood for the rest of the area. Gives it a great feel (that’s where we most recently sat). They also have a Brew Pub, which is styled after a traditional English Pub and a Main Bar. While on this visit, I enjoyed their Pig’s Ear Brown Ale- which is well worth the drive.

Pigs Ear Brown Ale“Pigs Ear Brown Ale won Grand National Champion for brown ales at the United States Beer Tasting Championships in 2004 and 2006. Medium bodied with a balance of roasted and crystal malts creating a hearty nutty flavor. Medium bitterness with a slightly sweet finish.
O.G. 1.054 / 25 IBUs / 4.3% abv”

Good to know:

  • All bars offer ½ price apps and discount pints daily from 3-5pm.
  •  Free brewery tours are offered daily at noon

555348_690427805303_580992622_n Mark, enjoying a cold one at the DAM BAR, growler ready to bring home