Wineries of Vermont

Those that are crossed out are the wineries we have already been to

  • Boyden Valley Winery, Cambridge
  • Caledonia Spirits & Winery, Hardwick
  • Charlotte Village Winery, Charlotte
  • East Shore Vineyard, Grand Isle
  • Eden Ice Cider, West Charleston
  • Fresh Tracks Farm & Winery, East Calais
  • Flag Hill Farm, Vershire
  • Grand View Winery, East Calais/Waterbury
  • Hillis’ Sugarbush Farm & Vineyard, Colchester
  • Honora Winery, West Halifax
  • Huntington River Vineyard, Huntington
  • Lincoln Peak Winery, New Haven
  • Neshobe Rover Winery, Brandon
  • Ottaauquechee Valley Winery, Quechee
  • Otter Valley Winery, Brandon
  • Putney Mountain Winery, Putney
  • Shelburne Vineyard, Shelburne
  • Snow Farm Winery, South Hero/Waterbury
  • Whaleback Vineyard, Poultney
  • Champlain Orchards, Shoreham

3 thoughts on “Wineries of Vermont

  1. Have you at any time had a really memorable glass of
    wine? How about a memorable bottle? Which was additional
    significant towards your encounter, the organization or the wine by itself?

    • So far, I have really enjoyed Sweet Baby Vineyard’s Niagara Wine. It is very rich in flavor, and has hints of both citrus and honeysuckle. We purchased a bottle during a recent visit, as well as their Raspberry wine (a little sweet alone, but with a dash of champagne or vodka, delicious! Recommended by the gentleman at the winery and tried there).
      Years ago, I had this great red wine… Reminded me of steak. Not sure what kind of red wine it was, or anything about it, just that it reminded me of steak and the spices of steak.
      Boyden Valley makes a great Vermont Ice Cider (apple ice wine). Very smooth.
      Snow Farm Winery makes a great Baco Noir. I typically do not like red wines, but try them because there is one for everyone. This one had very smooth tannins (I am not too fond of tannins) and had notes of black cherry and black berry. I found it be be a wine that I could enjoy with my friends that enjoy a good red wine.
      I have found that we tend to enjoy our wine/visits much more when the person hosting/bartending (not quite sure what you call the person at the winery) is hospitable. When they have greeted us very warmly, and made small talk, we have appreciated the wine a lot more. I enjoy learning about the wines and what makes them special and often times, original. When we have found wines that we like, and we later have it at home, we are able to think back at the great experience we had at the winery/vineyard.
      Hope this answers your question. I simply enjoy learning about the wines and trying new things 🙂

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