Maine Beer Trail

Yesterday, Mark and I went to a couple of Breweries in Maine. We brought along our Maine Beer Trail Passes to have signed (find yours here!). We had created a short list of ones we wanted to visit, as well as what time they were open for tastings. Along our way, I realized that my list was incomplete. Although I (thought) I had used all of my resources to create my list, I forgot to look at my Maine Beer Trail list. Please revisit my Breweries of Maine entry to see which ones are new. Also, refer to my Map of Breweries and Wineries in Maine for an updated map.

Back to the Maine Beer Trail Pass. It is a list of 25 different breweries in Maine. You bring the pass with you and have it signed and dated while on your visit. After you have been to 5 breweries, you fill out the bottom portion of it (the info section), make a photocopy, and send the photocopy to the Maine Brewers’ Guild, keeping the original so you can continue on your visits.

For visiting 5 breweries, you will be rewarded with a baseball hat from a Maine brewery. For visiting 10 breweries, you receive a T-shirt from a Maine brewery. For visiting ALL of the breweries listed, you receive a PRIZE PACK of Maine Beer Gear.

While at one of the breweries yesterday, we started talking to a woman who is on the receiving end of completed Maine Beer Trail Passes. She said to make sure that you note your T-Shirt size when sending it in. I asked her about the Maine Beer Gear Prize Pack and was told that it is whatever she can get her hands on from breweries across the state, but often times contains glasses, t-shirts, etc.  She also mentioned to make sure that everyone in your group should have a pass to have filled out, because even you and your significant other can receive prize packs at the same time. She also mentioned that since some of the breweries are seasonal, if you are able to get to a brewery, but it is not open (summer, but its at Sunday River or something), that you can take a photo of yourself outside and send that in with your pass and it will be honored.


2 thoughts on “Maine Beer Trail

  1. John Moras says:

    We have sent in one of our passports, for a t-shirt. That was 6 weeks ago. I have not seen anything. We have another one, that is over 2/3 full. 33 breweries to be exact. I would like to know that my shirt is on its way.

    • Hi John,
      We are not affiliated with the Maine Beer Trail, we just do it. We do know that it is run by Shipyard, so you could contact their gift shop to see who to inquire with? Good luck!
      Meg & Mark

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