Baxter Brewery

We had the pleasure of going to the Baxter Brewing Company over the summer of 2013.  399687_704283603173_760340994_n

We took a tour as part of the Lewiston-Auburn Mini-Maker Faire, that we were attending for research for Mark’s work. They had a tour set up as part of the event. We took the short walk over to the brewery to find that the tour guide wasn’t in yet, and they made plans for us to go back an hour later. Arrived an hour later, and had the tour.

Tours are always interesting… Not always for what the brewery staff are telling you, but often because of the questions and comments raised by the other visitors. We have taken tours at most of the breweries we have gone to, and honestly, most are the same. There is usually something small that each place does differently. So, often nowadays, we pay attention to what other people are saying as well.

563197_704283628123_1254829664_nA big difference between Baxter Brewery and other breweries is that all of their beer is canned. They don’t bottle anything.  They chose to use cans instead of bottles for 3 main reasons.

  1. Better for the environment. Their cans are made by Ball, and are made out of 50% post-consumer recycled aluminum. It has been found that Americans are twice as likely to recycle aluminum than glass, so it will continue to help the environment for a longer amount of time. Cans also use less energy to recycle than glass does, and use less fuel to ship. 
  2. Cans aren’t see-through. The beer has a greater chance of staying fresh, since it does not see UV light. Cans also have a lower dissolved oxygen level than glass, so the beer remains fresh.
  3. Cans can go where glass cannot (so many places don’t allow glass containers, but cans are fine).

After the tour came the best part- trying the beer.

Baxter keeps up to 8 beers on tap, but only 4 of them are “regular” beers, available to purchase. The other 4 are tasting room only- beers that they are testing out, seeing how the public enjoys them. A great way for the brewers and other brewery staff to try new recipes.

We tried their Pamola Xtra Pale Ale, Amber Road Amber Ale, Stowaway IPA and their Hayride Autumn Ale. All were good, but what I enjoyed the most was a beer in their small batch series. Raspberry Stout. Tasted just like a chocolate covered raspberry. Delicious!

We went to Baxter at the end of last summer, and according to their website, it seems like they might limit the amount you try after a tour. Check here before you go and if they give you more, awesome 🙂

Before leaving, as we made our purchase of a six pack of the Hayride Autumn Ale, we were lucky enough to be given a pair of tasting glasses to keep.


Mark enjoying the Hayride Autumn Ale 546445_704283673033_1014076101_nMe, enjoying the Raspberry Stout!


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