Boyden Valley Winery


We recently visited Boyden Valley Winery, located in Cambridge, Vermont (in 2013). Their tasting consisted of trying 7 wines and cream liqueur of your choosing, 7 wines for $7. You also received a wine glass or mug for the $7.


White Wines:

  • Seyval Blanc
  • Cow Tipper

Rose Wines:

  • Rose La JuJu

Red Wines

  • Riverbend Red
  • Big Barn Red
  • Glogg

Fruit Wines

  • Rhubarb
  • Cranberry
  • Vermont Maple
  • Blueberry

Dessert Speciality Wines

  • Cassis
  • Gold Leaf

Ice Wines

  • Vermont Ice Cider
  • Vermont Ice
  • Vermont Ice Red

Cream Liqueur

  • Vermont Ice Maple Creme
  • Vermont Ice Apple Creme

The woman who was working at the winery was very pleasant, and the other person visiting was as well. We had stopped at Dunkin Donuts on our drive there, and apparently still smelled of it. As an ice breaker, the other visitor mentioned that. haha

Although they had a great selection of wines, something I don’t like when we go to wineries or breweries is when they limit what you try. This isn’t because I want to drink everything, it is because we often go to learn about the different wines/beers and when told to pick some off a list, you often pick ones you feel comfortable with. Mark and I both try to pick wines/beers that might not be ones we would typically try as well as those that sound perfect to us. My theory is that you might not try a particular wine/beer because you don’t know enough about the variety, or  haven’t liked the variety in the past… but, the way this wine/beer maker creates their wine/beer might be the perfect fit for you. I don’t typically like red wines, but I try them in hopes that I will find one I enjoy. Anyways, back to the wine we tried…

We both tried “Cow Tipper.” It was similar to Pinot Grigio, and fresh and fruity. It had a similar semi-dryness to a Riesling.

I tried the Rose La JuJu, which had a blend of Frontenac and Cayuga wines. It was somewhat dry for my liking, but still delicate with a hint of tartness.

Both Mark and I tried the Vermont Maple wine. It was the perfect blend of maple syrup (that they make there on the farm), and apples (Northern Spy). It was light and sweet.

Mark tried the Blueberry wine next. It was made from low-bush blueberries and was sweet and smooth. It was similar to a Port wine.

Next on the list was the Gold Leaf, a Dessert wine. It was similar to the Vermont Maple (maple syrup & apples), but richer. This is also a barrel-aged wine. The woman working there mentioned that it had undertones of vanilla, toasted nuts and coconut, but I didn’t really get that. If I were to choose the Vermont Maple or the Gold Leaf, I would most likely choose the Vermont Maple due to the ability to drink it. Since the Gold Leaf is a dessert wine, it comes in a small bottle and you typically have a small amount at a time. This is a wine that you need to only have a small amount at a time, as it is rich.

I tried the Vermont Ice Cider next. It is made with three types of Vermont grown apples (Northern Spy, Macintosh, and Empire) and barrel-aged. Sweet and Complex. It is perfect. I enjoyed this one so much. I love cider anyways, but the richness that this Ice Cider possessed… delicious. For an Ice Wine, it was also reasonably priced, at only $29.99 for 375 ML. Left with a bottle of it!

Mark tried the Vermont Ice Red. It had flavors of plum, raisin and raspberry. Not really a wine for either of us (also $60 for 375 ML).

We both tried the Vermont Ice Maple Creme. It was exactly as described to us, similar in thickness to Bailey’s. The flavor consisted of Apples, Brandy, Maple Syrup and Cream. It was very smooth, and was suggested to add to coffee, ice cream, etc. If we had been more financially able to, we would have  left with a bottle of this as well.

The last wine we tried was the Glogg, a red wine. This was served out of a crock pot. It is a Swedish mulled red wine. The flavor and spices reminded me of Christmas! My father makes a Glugg with friends, so we left with a bottle of this for him to compare.

We had both previously had Boyden Valley’s Cranberry Wine. My Dad had brought a bottle back for my sister and I a few years ago while he was out on business. Since then, but before our visit, I had purchased their Rhubarb wine as well as their Vermont Maple wine.

It was a nice visit all in all. Image


What we went home with