Delicious wine… and alpacas?

We recently visited the Gilmanton Winery, located in Gilmanton, NH with our friend Bre in 2013. IMG_2362Gilmanton Winery is located in the former home of Grace Metalious, author of Peyton Place. Peyton Place was a novel written in 1956 that is comparable to today’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

Marshall and Sunny Bishop (owners of the winery) moved to the property so that Sunny could have an alpaca farm. Marshall planted fifty grape vines for personal use. People began to stop by the house, to see who was living there now and to see the house formally owned by Grace Metalious. Marshall and Sunny began offering a monthly brunch, for those that wanted to stop by and see the house. The monthly brunches turned into twice a month, and are now weekly. People also began to ask about the grape vines, and the amount of grape vines grew to 750 plants. IMG_2393 IMG_2368IMG_2363

When we arrived at the winery, Marshall greeted us immediately, and brought us into the wine tasting room. He told us about how the winery started, and the property.


IMG_2367Malbec: really good red! Would be great with steak.

Concord: usually used to blend with or used for grape jam. Good, but dry

Seyval: tarter than usual due to little critters. Not too dry or tart. Really good

Graces: named after Grace Metalious. Blend of Seyval and Concord. Takes the edge off of the concord

Peyton Place Rose: Malbec skins, sugar and yeast. Sweet, but still Malbec like. Bre left with a bottle of this

Blueberry Surprise: blueberry and Cabernet. Smooth, not too much blueberry or Cabernet. Good balance.

Chardananny: really good! Smooth, easy to drink. Light. (and yes, it is charda-nanny.)

House Wine: port like. Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Skins

House Chocolate Wine: Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Skins with the addition of Hershey’s syrup. So good! Does not smell like chocolate, but the taste was amazing! We were very surprised to find out that the “secret” was Hershey’s syrup and not something crazy rich (although it tasted like it was!). Both Bre and I left with a bottle.

After the wine tasting, we went to visit the alpacas. IMG_2371


IMG_2377IMG_2379 IMG_2377IMG_2394IMG_2384Bre and I pretending to be alpacas

IMG_2387 IMG_2392 IMG_2386 IMG_2374

IMG_2395If you go, make sure to call ahead. They offer tastings on Saturdays, from 1-5pm by reservation. They also offer a family friendly, sit down dinner every Saturday evening. Adults are $15pp, children pay their age. They also offer a 5 course brunch on Sunday mornings, for $15.95.

We were really pleased when we left the brewery, and I can’t wait to open my bottle of House Chocolate Wine!

4 thoughts on “Delicious wine… and alpacas?

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for this post/blog!! I’m Marshall’s wife Sunny and I’m so pleased that you also loved my alpacas too. They’re so cute aren’t they?! Again, thanks for the write up and thanks for visiting.

    • Sunny- they were adorable! We especially liked how they seemed to follow us into the barn. We will definitely recommend both parts of the farm to everyone. 🙂

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