Tuckerman Brewing Co, Conway NH visit 47

IMG_0348We recently went to Tuckerman Brewing Company, located in Conway, New Hampshire. Our friend Taylor went with us.
We arrived about 20 minutes before the tour was to begin. They had a sign on the door stating they would open the door shortly before the tour would begin. IMG_0350We waited in the car util the door was opened. At the door, ids were  checked and $5 per person for the tour was collected. Cash only.The cash only fact was not on their website or their door.

We started with a tasting prior to the tour. They had four to choose from:

Pale ale
Headwall Alt
6288 stout

You could try any or all of them, in whatever order you chose.

Pale ale: good, pale ale. Better flavor than expected. Taylor’s favorite from here.
Headwall Alt: good stronger tasting brown ale.
ALTitude: Marks favorite. Taylor enjoyed the alcohol content
6288 stout: creamy, coffee flavor. No burnt flavor. Meg’s favorite.



Our tour:

  • Amanda was our tour guide.she went over the processes in detail, showing us where everything was.
  • They keep a silo full of grain outside, and give their spent grain to local cattle.
  • Have a separate tank with unfermented wort, which added to their beer adds CO2 naturally.IMG_0367
  • You can keep a bottle of their beer open for three days without it going flat!
  • The filtration process was described in great detail on what it keeps out.
  • Their beer is labeled with a batch number and a born on date so it can be tracked easier for quality control.
  • They bottle and box their beer themselvesIMG_0370
  • They are currently trying to expand further south- right now you can find them in northern New England.
  • They are moving across the street soon, for a larger facility

Only downside of the tour is that their back story/history wasn’t present, although it was a detailed tour on how they do everything.

IMG_0369  This was Taylor’s first brewery and brewery tour, and she enjoyed it. She said the tour was shorter than she expected.

IMG_0363BrewWineFun/Megan and Mark

IMG_0378  IMG_0382 IMG_0385 IMG_0386me with my take of the stout!

Want to go?
Tours are Saturdays at 3:00pm. $5 for the tour and a pint glass. Get there at 2:45 so you have time to try all of the beer!

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