Watch City Brewing Company, Waltham, MA


Sign on the backside of the building

Watch City is CLOSED: We went to Watch City Brewing Company with Mark’s sister- Michelle, brother- Jason, and Jason’s fiancée- Maureen. We went for an early lunch, complete with a beer sampling!


From their website:

“WATCH CITY features four “Flagship” beers and four specialty/seasonal products including a cask-conditioned ale. Head Brewer Aaron Mateychuk expertly “crafts” his recipes in the brewhouse that is visible from Moody Street. Brewer Aaron Mateychuk while very proud of the consistent quality of WCBC’s five mainstays (of which the Hops Explosion won a 3rd place finish at the GNEIBF in 1999 and a 1st place in 2001) he is especially proud of the range and quality of the seasonals and specialties he produces.”

                We have to agree. Mark and I thought there were enough ‘normal’ type of beers most people would like, but they also have some very interesting, specialty type beers that we will remember.

The restaurant had a good style and vibe. The bar was a huge, horseshoe shape right in the middle of the restaurant. There is plenty of bar seats and standing room, and a good amount of tables for sit down meals.IMG_0857

The brewery creates special beers, that pop up throughout the year. This includes the “Chocolate Thunder Porter,” made in the fall with local chocolate; World Champs Wheat; Busta’Nut Brown Ale and Skye High Scotch Ale.


the brewhouse


We ordered a sampler of a few of their beers- and picked the most different ones.IMG_0851

Flame Thrower – 4.1% – 12 IBU

Hot Habanero infused Kolsch

Quite a kick! Smooth at the beginning, but then burned deep in the back of your throat.


Holy Mole Wit – 7.2% – 30 IBU

Chocolate Habanero Belgian Wit

Nice, good flavor. Spicy and smooth. Obviously not as spicy as Flame Thrower.


Kingpin Imperial Stout – 8.4% – 72 IBU

Notes of molasses, licorice, raisins and chocolate.

Very Smooth. Mark thought it was good, fairly normal stout. Megan thought it was strong and heavy.


Moody Street Stout – 6% – 54 IBU

Toffee, coffee, chocolate textures.

Sweeter than a typical, or dry, stout.



  Our Food:


Breakfast Burger


Special: Deep fried burger


Pimosa (Pineapple juice, orange juice and Champagne) Burger


Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Chicken burger, with bacon and cheddar


Beers On Tap Now:

Carnaval Imperial Wit

Kingpin Imperial Stout

Rescue One Kölsch

4.8% – 23 IBU

Shillelagh Irish Red Nitro Ale

4.8% – 18 IBU

Moody Street Stout

Titan Ale

6.1% – 42 IBU

Hops Explosion IPA

6.4% – 72 IBU


Contract Brewing

“Contract brewing is for many hopeful brewers who simply do not have the capital to establish their own  fully functioning brewery and other brewers who have established themselves  in the market for years, but have may have capacity issues. Well, whether it is a single batch, special brew or way of life, Watch City Brewing Company has time on its side.”

We thought this was pretty interesting, so included it as well.


Brew School

Watch City also offers a “Brew School.” This is a once a month session, which includes a detailed discussion with the brewers and a buffet.


 UPDATE: Watch City Has Permanently closed! Too bad, it was a good place


Want to visit? Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 11:30am–12:30am Saturday and Sunday 10:30am–11:30pm


Monday 11:30am–10:00pm  Tuesday 11:30am–10:00pm  Wednesday 11:30am–10:00pm  Thursday 11:30am–10:30pm Friday 11:30am–11:00pm Saturday 10:30am–11:00pm Sunday – 10:30am–10:00 pm


view from the street


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