Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk MA

Eagle Brook Saloon is located in Norfolk, MA. They have been open since 1981, before brew pubs were cool, and have been run by the same owners since then. IMG_1557 

We visited recently with Mark’s mom, Sheila, for dinner and drinks.

Unfortunately they don’t do flights, so we only tried 3 beers. They also don’t do Growlers, the beer is for on-site consumption only. We have been here before and had several of their pizzas and their Blueberry Ale. The Blueberry Ale is well known and is actually their best seller. They put blueberries in the cup when they pour the beer.

IMG_1561Baggy Knees Light – summer blonde ale

Everyone agreed it was a good summer beer, good taste, not too light though. Sheila said it had a heavier feel than Sam Summer, also had a good smell.

 IMG_1560Paint Pony Pale Ale 

It wasn’t as hoppy as Mark was expecting, they describe it as a light body, hoppy aroma style. Sheila liked it, could drink it, unlike a lot of the the other ‘weird beers’ we have here try. Megan got hints caramel.

Dog’s Breath Bitter

Megan thought it taste like and amber, it was a little too strong for Sheila. Mark liked it, hoppy, good flavor with a little something extra.

‘Ale with an attitude’ This is a highly hopped, very strong version of the traditional English ‘Bitter’. Clean, crisp with a copper color and very dry finish.


Sheila had ordered a Sam Summer, and was happy with her choice, until she tried the Baggy Knees Light and the Paint Pony Pale Ale! Now her Sam Summer seemed too light and not quite as flavorful.


They have the best deal around- order any small pizza, get a small cheese pizza free! Dine in Only, after 5 pm The pizza is typical bar pizza, but has some interesting flavors, including Chicken Caesar (and yes- it’s good!).

We ordered a Chicken Parm pizza, and got the cheese free for an appetizer.


IMG_1568Chicken Parm

Not too much sauce, good amount of chicken, was spread out well, nice and cheesy.


IMG_1567Cheese Pizza

Good as well.


IMG_1571Mark ordered the Fish Taco, which was a Thursday night special. Very good, tons of fish, the cole slaw lettuce mix was really good and added a lot of flavor to the taco.

IMG_1572Greek Salad Wrap

It was a good wrap, a little surprising that it had bannan peppers in it, Sheila picked most of them out.


IMG_1573Chipotle Ranch Chicken Sandwich


IMG_1566Definitely has a saloon feel to it, dark wood, exposed beams, good atmosphere.


Want to Visit?

Monday – Sunday

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

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