Austin Street Brewery, Portland, ME


Another stop on our most recent Portland trip was Austin Street Brewery. They are located in the back of the same building as Bissell Brothers and Foundation Brewing. They are less than a year old, no bottles, just growlers and 5 oz tasting’s.




Patina Pale Ale – 5.3%
Everyone liked it, reminded us of other light style IPA’s. Sometimes IPA’s and Pale Ale’s will taste similar. Floral and light, tasty,¬†without much of a hoppy bite.




Milk Stout – 6.4%
Heavy coffee smell. Dark and flavorful, coffee taste and malt flavor. Mark and Jason liked it.




Crushable IPA – 3.6%
Session IPA, but not flavorful enough. You could taste the hops, but it was watered down, maybe rushed? It seemed to be lacking, none of us want a 3.6% beer.




They are brewing on only a 1 barrel system. I would expect their beers to change often as they work on new recipes. They do have room to expand, when they are ready to.



Want to visit?

Tasting room hours are:

Friday 3 – 8

Saturday 12 – 6

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