Out.Haus Ales, Northwood, NH


Out.Haus Ales is a small 1 barrel nano brewery located in Northwood, NH. Right now it is just one man, the owner, who works there. He was brewing in his garage and started distributing bottles in January 2014.




He just opened the new tasting room in April 2015.  The tasting room had only been open for a few weeks when we first visited.




India Pale Ale – 6%
Not very flavor forward in regards to hops, a definite focus on the malts. A hoppy touch with stronger malt taste, no extra pine or fruit like a lot of other IPA’s right now. Mark would prefer the hoppier IPA.

American Brown Ale – 5.7%
Bold and rich brown ale. More similar in flavor to a porter than a brown in Megan’s opinion. By that she means it’s better than most brown ales she has had for awhile, more flavorful, very good.

American Stout – 5.6%
Fairly typical stout. Less flavor than the Brown Ale.




Coffee-Oatmeal Stout – 5%
Really good. Smelled like coffee with a good hearty flavor. Not as dull as we have found many oatmeal stouts to be. Coffee flavor with secondary sweet taste.

Farm.Haus Ale – 4.6%
Slightly sweet, a little tart Saison.

Scottish 80 – 5.4%
Mark liked this, Megan did not. Malty and somewhat hoppy. Low carbonation with a malty taste, with a little hint of sweetness.




Red Ale – 5.1%
Red taste, a little sweet with toasty aftertaste. He used roasted malts.

Robust Wheat Porter – 5.6%
Flavors of wheat, but with the creaminess of a Porter. A tart start lightened up the porter. We asked why a wheat porter? He had wheat leftover after the summer and wanted to use it up.

Chocolate Chili Stout – 7.5%
Creamy and well balanced. Chili adds a spice, but not a Spicy flavor ….. until the end. It gets a little spicy in the back of the throat.




We are always happy to see small places that bottle. We know its a lot of work, but growlers aren’t worth it unless you live close to the brewery. This way they are able to distribute to the stores as well.

He is definitely a bigger fan of working with different malts than  just adding a bunch of hops to a beer. He said this, but you can tell in the flavors of the beers as well. Not bad, just a little bit different. It helps make some styles better.



He has swag.


The name Out.Haus Ale definetely stands out. Especially with a tagline like ‘it doesn’t taste like it came from an Out.Haus’.



Want to visit?

Thursday and Friday – 4:00 – 7:00

Saturday – 12:00 – 4:00

As always, check their Facebook page or
website for updated hours.

Wicked Wine Fest and Boston Craft Beer Fest, Spring 2015


We were lucky enough to be asked to attend the Boston Event Guide‘s Wicked Wine Fest and Craft Beer Fest for Spring 2015.
On our way to the Wicked Wine Fest we got this cool picture of the Hancock tower in Boston.



When we entered both the Wicked Wine Fest and the Craft Beer Fest, we were given a map and list of all the wines/beers, as well as a small plastic cup for sampling.



La Perlina Mosacato
We both liked this wine, a good sweet Mosacto.



Truvee – Red Blend
This sounded like an interesting blend, and we enjoyed it.



Ripe Life – Clambake
A good white wine, despite not being sweet. Described as ‘light, crisp, citrusy, unoaked Chardonnay.’



ERA Organic Wines
We really liked this, despite not being huge red wine fans. The description was right on, saying it has ‘raspberry and mocha flavors are followed by sweet cigar tobacco and a lightly oaky finish.’

This was good as well, a little more body to it with notes of ‘black cherry, plum fruits, sweet oak and peppery spice.’



Enjoying the tasting!



Spiked Seltzer
We tried this for the first time last fall at the beer fest. Good tasting seltzer with alcohol in it. They have Lemon Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, and Cranberry for flavors. We like this, a good summer drink, goes down like a Seltzer and not overly sweet like some other summer drinks. We have heard that you can purchase it in Market Basket, so we will be on the lookout.



Probably Megan’s favorite ‘tasting’ of the day, Vino Gelato! This gelato is made from wine and was delicious!


Other wines we liked:

Chloe-Red 249

Terlato-Federalist Cabernet Sauvignon

Ruffino-Sparkling Rose





Both festivals are held in the Cyclorama. It is a cool atmosphere, and a large circular room, so it works well for a tasting.




The real downfall to the wine event were the sample pours were very small. At most tables we got really just one sip, so it is kind of hard to judge the wine on just a sip. Then, because of the small pours, everyone would get right back in line. So there was a lot of waiting in line and not a lot of sampling.





From the Craft Beer Fest, outside of the Cyclorama, waiting in line, moved pretty quickly.



Down the Road Brewery – Pukwudgie Pale Ale
This is a new brewery in Newton, MA. They say that ‘we want our line of beers to recall the rich history of lagers and ales that is sometimes ignored or forgotten but never out of fashion.’



Stella Artois – Cidre
Pretty good, very light and refreshing.



Urban Farm Fermentory
Dry Cidah and Kombucha from Urban Farm. We like there stuff as well, fresh and mostly dryer ciders.





Megan and Mark at the tasting.



Downeast Cider House
This is our favorite cider we have had. It’s like real apple cider, not a sugary light version.



Cape Ann Brewing Company was there as well!



By Sam Adams, The Vixen and 26.2 were both beers we haven’t had before, they were both pretty good.




Curious Traveler is one of Megan’s favorite summer beers, but we hadn’t tried all that the Travleler Beer Company had made. Now was our opportunity! We tried both Illusive (grapefruit) and Forbidden (apple). Megan liked the Illusive!



Foolproof Brewing Company
We learned about Foolproof at the last tasting, we liked all their beers. They are in Rhode Island, so we can’t wait to visit.



Taylor and Megan enjoying the tasting.



IMG_2782Iron Duke Brewing- also local! Can’t wait to try them out!

These we just some of the beers we tasted. This was a good event, not too crowded, the lines weren’t very long, a good variety of breweries and beers.




Taylor came in second place in the dance contest. We got a free round of pictures in the photo booth.


Want to go next Fall or Spring? Check out Boston Event Guide’s site! They always have something fun going on, including tastings, booze cruises, trips and more! Check them out! Hope to see you there next time!