Kelsen Brewing Company, Derry, NH

PNG On the way to a friend’s cookout, we stopped at Kelsen Brewing Company with our friend Ally. Kelsen is located in Derry, New Hampshire and is easy to find. IMG_2968


Kelsen Brewing began when life-long friends, Paul and Erik, decided to start home-brewing together in 2010. The rest, is history!


From their website: If you don’t like full-flavored beers or beers with hop aroma that socks you in the nostrils, you probably won’t appreciate what we are brewing.  If you appreciate complex malt profiles and unique combinations of hop flavors and aromas, you might want to pick up a bottle of Kelsen and try us out.


Tastings are free, so we each tried all three beers they had to offer. 



Paradigm Brown Ale – 7% paradigmBlacksmith
One of the better Brown Ales we have had recently. Good flavor balance, fairly light in body but still flavorful.


Battle Axe IPA – 7.2% viking
Mark liked this. Hoppy beer with piney notes, but not over bearing. It was smoother than Ally expected, very drinkable at 7.2%, a little too flavorful/hoppy for Megan.




Double Battle Axe – 9% doublebattleaxe
Mark liked this as well, had a much more malty flavor, less hoppy and piney. Megan and Ally were both surprised by the flavor, they were expecting more hops than the regular Battle Axe, which it doesn’t have. 




We visited on a nice day, so it was pretty quiet until our tasting was about complete. We were the only people in there when we arrived. There were 2 bartenders there and they were friendly and helpful, gave us a little bit of the background on the beers and the company.




Also available to take home: Chris’ Wicked Ice Cream! No tastings at this time, but high recommendations. Chris’ Wicked Ice Cream is brand new, with it’s debut this spring.

From their website:
Paradigm Brown Ale with Caramel and Brownie. Kelsen’s flagship brown ale with a little chocolate and caramel to bring out the hoppy flavor of this Beer Advocate favorite. 1.5%AB

BrownAleLabel (1)
Draken Robust Porter Ice Cream with Caramel and Heath Bar® and Featuring Kelsen Draken Robust Porter Beer. The Porter all dressed up with the perfect accessories to make this a perfect dessert. Try not to eat the pint all at once. 1.46% ABV

PorterLabel (1)



Available Soon!
Double Battle Axe IPA Sorbet – light and refreshing with a nice hop hit at then end. The perfect end to a light meal or that palate cleanser that no one saw coming. (IN FINAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT)


Since we were headed to a cookout (anyways), we picked up a couple of pints (two of the Paradigm Brown Ale and one of the Draken Robust Porter)  and a growler of the Paradigm Brown Ale to make beer ice cream floats! They were delicious! Great recommendation!



Want to visit?
Tasting Room Hours
Every Thursday and Friday from 4 to 7 pm.
Every Saturday from 12 to 6 pm.


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