Framingham Beer Works, Framingham, MA

In the early Fall, we visited Framingham Beer Works in Framingham, MA. The Beer Works franchise has 7 different locations. Each location brews their own beer, while Lowell Beer Works does the bottling for all locations.




The Beer Works franchise seems to focus on seasonal beers. We have tried to visit during the different seasons so we can try as many of their beers as possible, at different locations of course.



We went for lunch with Megan’s sister Sam and her boyfriend Dustin.



Fall Flight

Curly’s Irish Stout
Good, pretty standard stout, a hint of roastyness, from the roasted malts they use.


Megan said it had an ok first taste, but the aftertaste was a little funny…




A very malt forward beer, decent taste, fairly light in body and not much bitterness. Megan thought it was too strong, too malty.


Decent pumpkin beer, best beer so far. They did the brown sugar rim, which definitely added some flavor to the beer.




Sam and Dustin had just been to a Beerworks the week before, they liked the Pumpkin beer so they both ordered a pint of it.




Hop Flight

Lil Tasty IPL
Not the best IPL we have had, but a pretty decent attempt. More on the bitter hop spectrum for flavor.


Deliberation Session IPA
Fairly light, again more of a bitter hop spectrum, not that bitter, but it was a session ipa so the bitterness is the major taste that stood out.




Cantander IPA
Much better IPA, has more of a tropical fruity hop flavor, not very bitter at all, Mark’s favorite beer this visit.


Black Sheep IPA
Bitter, with a smoky or burnt flavor that Mark didn’t like that much. Megan thought it had more of a toffee flavor.


Mark wanted to try another beer, so he decided to go for the:

Chapagne Du Nord – Berliner Weiss
A sour, tart taste. That’s all it really was though, just sour with nothing much else behind it.







We ordered nachos as an appetizer and it was pretty good.


We all ordered burgers for lunch as well, and they were pretty good. We ate them too fast to take a picture!


Our visit this fall was not that impressive, compared to former visits. The beers were just ok, nothing we were very impressed with. When we visited Boston Beer Works, Fenway Park location, the food and service were good and the beers were pretty good. Our best visit was when we went to Lowell Beer Works a year and a half ago, over the summer. Good food, good service, good summer beers.

Is there a Beer Works near you?

Boston Beer Works – Fenway Park Location


Near the end of the summer we went in to see a Red Sox game and got into Boston a little early. We decided to get some food and a few beers at Boston Beer Works, right across the street from Fenway Park. Of course, on game day they were really busy. They are used to it and they handled the crowd well.


View from front door of Fenway

View from Beer Works of Fenway


While waiting for a table we ordered beers from the bar. They had a designated spot to step up and order beers, then you have to move. This is something you don’t see at most bars, but we were very happy to see it here. Megan ordered the Watermelon, which she had before and really liked, and Mark ordered an Imperial Wit.


Imperial Wit

Megan smelled banana. It was tangy and maybe a little sour. Looks like an unfiltered beer.


Beer Menu

Beer Menu



They said it would be a 30 minute wait, but it was only about 15 minutes so we were happy.


We ordered a sample tray so we could tastes beers we have not had before. We had gone to Lowell Beer Works earlier in the summer, read the post here 

Beers on tap

Beers on tap

We wanted to try different beers than we had before, so we picked out some beers we may not have normally tried. They have 7 different Beer Works locations in and around Boston and we’ve been to 2 so far. We hope to try each one at a different time of year, so we can try all of their beers.



Beer Samples

Beer Samples



Castle Rock Raspberry

Great raspberry smell. Sweeter taste than we expected. Mark thought it was pretty good, defintily a light tasting summery beer with a raspberry flavor. A little sweet but not overbearing. Megan thought it was close to jolly rancher, a little too sweet for her.


Patriot Pilsner

Just ok, neither of us are huge fans of pilsners in general. The blonde beer we ordered wasn’t available so thy replaced it with this one. Not one we would have picked.


Imperial Pilsner

Mark liked this a lot better- more to it, more substance I guess. It definitely had more flavor.


Houblon Rouge

Belgian red IPA. Dark in color lighter in taste




Food came out super quick, we just ordered a couple of appetizers since there would be food at the game.



Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings


Buffalo had good flavor, it wasn’t just hot. Blue cheese seemed house made, Mark thought it was really good.





Pretzel Bread Balls


Rich cheese sauce



All the beers they have on tap now are different from the 2 visits we had during the summer. Summer beers are gone and pumpkin and fall beers are here.


Opposite Fenway Park since 1992
61 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Open Daily from 11:00AM – 1AM

*FENWAY LOCATION – Opens early for Red Sox Opening Day, Marathon Monday and other early Sox/Event Days.


batting practice before the game!


Oh, did we mention we had tickets in a suite, for free?




View of the field

View of the field


Us at the game

Us at the game