Kennebec River Brewery, The Forks, ME


We stopped at Kennebec River Brewery this summer on our way to go white water rafting. They opened in 1996, started by a whitewater guide who developed a passion for home brewing.

They are located at the Northern Outdoors headquarters, there is a full service restaurant as well as a bar, where we sat.



It was pretty crowded on a Friday afternoon. We didn’t see any option for flights or tasters, so we each got a pint.



Magic Hole IPA     6%
Reddish in color and hazy, on the malty side for an ipa. It says it was dry hopped. Not quite what Mark was hoping for, more of an old school IPA, but kind of what he expected.


Big Mama Blueberry     4.8%
Listed as a golden ale with subtle blueberry, and we agree. Fresh blueberries as well!



That’s all we had time to try, unfortunately.


Kennebec River Brewery sources a majority of their malt from the Blue Ox Malt House in Maine. They also use pure water from local Kennebec Valley water. Also, all their beer is ‘keg conditioned’, which is pretty interesting. That means the beer is uncarbonated when it is put into the keg, and naturally carbonates in the keg.


Check Facebook for current hours, not
sure if the hours change seasonally


Mark and Megan in the bottom left of the picture, rafting!