Breweries and Wineries…

Mark (my boyfriend) and I both love to try new beer and wine. Really, he will drink everything. I don’t drink a lot, but enjoy trying new beers, wines and ciders. We have been going to different breweries and wineries for a few years now, but recently decided to (attempt) to go to all the breweries and wineries in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. We find it fun, and something different to do.

Every brewery does something different with their beer. Every beer is slightly different, even if it you are trying similar style beers. I tend to like stouts, porters and wheat beers, but will try others.

Every winery creates differently. Some use only grapes, others use the resources around them and  make wonderful fruit wines. I’m more of a white wine drinker, but I love going to a winery and finding a red wine that I can enjoy with friends who love red wine.

A lot of people have said to me “I don’t like beer,” or “I don’t like (red/white) wine.” Try them. If you try enough, you are bound to find one that you not only like, but appreciate. Add a few friends into the mix, and it will be a fun time as well.

Megan’s first brewery: was in Canada, while on a ski trip (to Mont Orford) with friends in college. It was actually a brewpub, and I tried a flight of beer first, so I could really try what the brewpub had. I recall that the brewpub was a very comfy-cozy place to be, with couches and fire places everywhere. Only negative about this place was that other consumers were upset that my friends and I didn’t speak French. My first brewery was most likely Mayflower Brewery in Plymouth, MA

Mark’s first brewery: Guinness, IrelandGrowing Collection of Beer and Wine Glasses