Lithermans Limited Brewery, Concord, NH

We recently visited Litherman’s Limited Brewery in Concord, NH. They opened in April of 2016 and have been busy ever since. We had heard good things about their Saisons, but they had quite a few ipa’s on tap as well.


They are located in the back of an industrial park, luckily they had a sign out front with directions, very helpful!



The owners met and bonded over music, and ended up recording hip hop tracks together. Somehow that transitioned into making beer, and the tasting room has a definite music feel too it, and so do a lot of their beer names.




The stools have records on them, and they have posters of their beer labels up on the wall which is fun.


And classic albums mounted on the walls.


They had 10 beers on tap, so Mark and Megan split a flight, so did Sammie and Dustin.


Misguided Angel – traditional New England style ipa
Pretty good version of a New England style ipa, hoppy, not quite as ‘juicy’ as some of the best though.

Little Miss Strange – dipa
Dry, more subtle flavors than the description, mild orange and pineapple, not quite a juice bomb, but pretty good.


Mark pondering the flavors


Simply Red Ale
Described as ‘big, chewy, malty, slightly sweet’ and that was right on. Not Mark’s favorite style of beer but they did a good job with this beer, Megan liked it.

Hall Street and Oats – dry hopped New England style pale
Tasty pale ale, dry hopped with Mandarin Bavarian hops, Megan and Mark both liked this beer.


Megan enjoying her beer


Orange Crushable – belgian orange ipa
An ipa with a super orange flavor too it, interesting (in a good way).

Chakra Khan – saison with lotus root
This was a pretty tasty saison, all 4 of us liked it, dry hopped with Citra.


Sammie tasting some beer


Tangled Up in Bruges – ever evolving saison
They use seasonal ingredients in this saison. Strong saison flavor with a little bit of funk.

Foolish Lovers Game – Berliner Weisse
A pretty drinkable Berliner Weisse, not that sour with a mild  apricot flavor.



Milli Banilli – banana vanilla porter
A porter with banana, and interesting mix of flavor and style.

Last Mango in Concord – mango green tea blonde ale
Tea and mango, with some sweetness, stand out in this beer.


Dustin read us a story


They had cool marble tables and a marble bar



Dustin being a goof



Dustin and Sammie being goofy together


Favorite beer names: Bow Wow Yippie Yo and The Ol’ Dirty Dipa,  neither were on tap when we were there. They mostly fill growlers, but occasionally bottle some batches of their beer.

Current Hours

Thursday 4:00 – 7:00
Friday 4:00 – 7:00
Saturday 12:00 – 5:00

Schilling Beer Company, Littleton, NH


While visiting our friends Jamie and Andrew, we took the drive to Schilling Beer Company. Andrew recommended we go here. He said they have really good pizza and some quality beers. We have to agree. They are located in Littleton, NH which is about 20 miles north of the Lincoln/Woodstock/Loon Mountain area.


From their website: “Schilling Beer Co. is a family-owned artisan microbrewery centered on the values of family, community and excellence. These values are reflected in the three united grain heads that comprise our logo.

Schilling is the embodiment of a dream for four brothers and Dad, who left professions and moved across continents to link up in the North Country to brew together. The name “Schilling” honors our grandfather, Dr. Richard J. Schilling (his picture hangs near the bar), and also reflects the continental European influences on the brewing.

We brew Schilling beers on a custom 5-barrel wirelessly controlled brewhouse here, in the oldest commercial building north of Concord, NH – a renovated gristmill dating to 1797.”


outside seating- a bit too cold now! Love that they have it- maybe next time!



let’s head on in!

It’s hard to describe these beers without using the term ‘Belgian style’ or ‘ Belgian taste’ in the description. Most of the beers have that as a taste with some extra flavoring or style in it. This is in part due to their European influences and experiences.


 Our Tasting:

Erastus – Abbey-style Tripel – 8%
A heavy ‘blue moon’ flavor, a little earthy, Belgian flowers.

Foy – Belgian-style IPA – 5.9%
Andrew said it had the hoppy taste of an IPA, but not overpowering. We agree, almost like a toned down IPA with some Belgian flavors, you get both. Jamie got a little citrus fruit taste.

Trapu – Belgian-style Dark Ale – 6%
Smooth. Chocolate and light coffee notes, on the verge of a ‘cask strength’ flavor.


Blonde Grisette – Belgian-style Saison – 5.5%
A tiny bit fruity and a little earthy, light beer. Andrew agree’s.

Jamie enjoying her beers

Pater – Abbey-style Single – 4.8%
Spiced rather than hopped. Light, Belgian session beer, not super flavorful.

Grotius – Abbey-style Dubbel – 6.3%
Belgian style with a darker, malty taste with a little bit of ‘dark fruit aroma’s’, their term but we agree.

Resistance – Belgian-style Saison – 6.3%
An earthy saison.


Dr. Oovert – Belgian-style Dark Strong Ale – 9.1%
Strong flavor, good taste. The description said ‘dark fruit and caramel’, we agree, fruity but a heavy taste. Andrew agree’s there were a ‘multitude of dark fruit flavors’, got stronger and more flavorful as you drank. Megan did not like this beer.

Le Nain – Biere blanche – 6%
50% wheat, cloudy, flavorful, a medium silky mouth feeling. German and American hops.

Schilling ‘Sticke’ Collaboration with White Birch – Wheat Ale – 5.5%
Fruity notes, smooth wheat ale. Megan said it was what she expected from White Birch.

downstairs, bar area great atmosphere

seating area at the top of the – love the look!

 Time to eat!

Maple Bacon Pizza- AMAZING!

Yes, maple syrup, bacon, chicken and apples. Sweet and savory. This was a special, and it was everyone’s favorite. A slightly odd combination that really works.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Good amount of spice, really good pizza


Loaded Pizza

This pizza was good, but overshadowed by the other 2 because they were so good. Plenty of sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, caramelized onions, and roasted red peppers.


Megan being …… an owl?

Jeff Cozzens, CEO, runs the place with his brothers. Very approachable, and was seen interacting with all customers, not just us. He was a great guy, and spoke with us and others about the beers, and how they came to be.


Meg, Mark, Andrew & Jamie

Want to visit?

Delicious wine… and alpacas?

We recently visited the Gilmanton Winery, located in Gilmanton, NH with our friend Bre in 2013. IMG_2362Gilmanton Winery is located in the former home of Grace Metalious, author of Peyton Place. Peyton Place was a novel written in 1956 that is comparable to today’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

Marshall and Sunny Bishop (owners of the winery) moved to the property so that Sunny could have an alpaca farm. Marshall planted fifty grape vines for personal use. People began to stop by the house, to see who was living there now and to see the house formally owned by Grace Metalious. Marshall and Sunny began offering a monthly brunch, for those that wanted to stop by and see the house. The monthly brunches turned into twice a month, and are now weekly. People also began to ask about the grape vines, and the amount of grape vines grew to 750 plants. IMG_2393 IMG_2368IMG_2363

When we arrived at the winery, Marshall greeted us immediately, and brought us into the wine tasting room. He told us about how the winery started, and the property.


IMG_2367Malbec: really good red! Would be great with steak.

Concord: usually used to blend with or used for grape jam. Good, but dry

Seyval: tarter than usual due to little critters. Not too dry or tart. Really good

Graces: named after Grace Metalious. Blend of Seyval and Concord. Takes the edge off of the concord

Peyton Place Rose: Malbec skins, sugar and yeast. Sweet, but still Malbec like. Bre left with a bottle of this

Blueberry Surprise: blueberry and Cabernet. Smooth, not too much blueberry or Cabernet. Good balance.

Chardananny: really good! Smooth, easy to drink. Light. (and yes, it is charda-nanny.)

House Wine: port like. Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Skins

House Chocolate Wine: Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Skins with the addition of Hershey’s syrup. So good! Does not smell like chocolate, but the taste was amazing! We were very surprised to find out that the “secret” was Hershey’s syrup and not something crazy rich (although it tasted like it was!). Both Bre and I left with a bottle.

After the wine tasting, we went to visit the alpacas. IMG_2371


IMG_2377IMG_2379 IMG_2377IMG_2394IMG_2384Bre and I pretending to be alpacas

IMG_2387 IMG_2392 IMG_2386 IMG_2374

IMG_2395If you go, make sure to call ahead. They offer tastings on Saturdays, from 1-5pm by reservation. They also offer a family friendly, sit down dinner every Saturday evening. Adults are $15pp, children pay their age. They also offer a 5 course brunch on Sunday mornings, for $15.95.

We were really pleased when we left the brewery, and I can’t wait to open my bottle of House Chocolate Wine!