The Bear Brew Pub


Megan and Amanda

The Bear Brew Pub is in located in Orono, ME. Orono is a small city in mid Maine, mostly known for being home to the University of Maine. We went out to dinner while visiting Amanda and James who live a few towns over. We had read a few reviews that said it was more of a college bar, beer and pizza, makes sense. We enjoyed it, wasn’t that crowded when we were there, and the beer was good as well as their pizza.



We decided to sit upstairs on the deck which was nice. Sometimes they have special events up there, they were doing a wine tasting the next day.






The Beers




Gearhead Red – ABV – 4.5%
Megan and Mark both liked it, and Megan isn’t usually a Red fan. James liked it as well, he thinks it’s hard to find a good red, and this one is.



Pirate Pale Ale
More malty than hoppy, smooth, a little unexpected but good.




Good blueberry smell. Too strong a blueberry taste for Megan, but authentic. Mark liked the blueberry taste.


Liquid Sunshine – ABV – 5.1%
A good hefeweizen. Amanda thought it was really bright. Mark liked it as well, a good, mild flavor, not overbearing.



moustache face

Demon Stout  – ABV – 5.1%
James says ‘Now that’s a stout’. Amanda thought it smelled like coffee, lighter than Megan was expecting, especially with the name demon.





Cinnamon Toast Crunch Martini


They are well known for their brick oven pizza’s, so we decided to try them.



Heavy Veggie Pizza

 Red sauce, mozzarella, broccoli, roasted red pepper, red onion, roasted garlic and homemade pesto.



Italian Pizza

 Red sauce, mozzarella, homemade pesto, roma tomato, prosciutto and fried eggplant.



Bear Brew Pizza

 This is Mark’s type of pizza. Red sauce, mozzarella and Gouda cheese, hamburger, bacon and BBQ sauce.



James ordered a steak and sweet potato fries




our hosts for the weekend, and our dinner dates. James and Amanda




Mark had a feeling there was something worth looking into. At brewpubs you tend to get less information about the business from waitresses. We looked on the website, but there is no real info about the business or the history, so he did a little digging. Tim Gallon and friend Matt Haskell were working at Bear Brew Pub while in college at U of Maine. The owner, Milos Blagojavic, was ready to sell and Matt and Tim bought the business. They took over Bear Brew Pub in 2002. They learned to brew and run the business while working there. Eventually, Tim decided he needed more space and equipment if he wanted to establish a serious brewery. Tim sold his share of the business to Matt and established Black Bear Brewery right across the street. This is what made Mark suspicious, very similar names for 2 breweries in a fairly small town in northern Maine. Then, in early 2010, Jim Bence bought Bear Brew Pub from Matt and renovated and revived the Bear Brew Pub.




Kitchen Hours

Monday-Sunday  3pm-10pm

Brick Oven Pizza available Wednesday-Saturday until bar closes.


Bar Hours

Sunday-Thursday 3pm-11pm

Friday and Saturday 3pm-1am

Federal Jack’s Restaurant and Brew Pub



The beginning of Bre’s Birthday Weekend! Deryl, Megan, Bre, Mark




We visited Federal Jack’s Restaurant and Brew Pub, located right on the water in Kennebunkport, Maine during Bre’s birthday weekend festivities. We were headed to Old Orchard Beach to camp for this weekend, and this was at a good stopping point. It was also a good time to try to throw Bre off, because she didn’t quite know the full plan of the weekend…



Megan & Bre

Federal Jack’s is one of Maine’s first brew pubs, and the birthplace of Shipyard Brewing Company’s award winning-line of ales. Federal Jack’s opened in 1992 by Fred Forsley and Alan Pugsley, with the opening of the Kennebunkport Brewing Company as well. Demand quickly increased, and in 1994, Shipyard Brewing Company was built Portland, Maine.



All beers at Federal Jack’s are brewed downstairs, at the 7-barrel brewery of the Kennebunkport Brewing Company.

image1 (1)




beer options!



We ordered a sampler tray so we could try some of the beers we haven’t had before, and so we could share little tastes with everyone.



our samples


Hoppy but light and summery


Sirius Summer Ale
Served with a lemon- delicious. Not a ton of flavor but a good summer beer.


Sunfish Wheat
Good flavor, grapefruit and peach. Smells like peach but tastes like grapefruit. Smell is a lot stronger than the taste.


Taint Town Pale Ale
Smooth, better than most pale ales.


Fuggles IPA
Not too crazy hoppy. Probably because it is single hopped with fuggles hops from England.



the menu


There was a group of us, so we ordered a couple of appetizers.



Pretzel Breadsticks




Nachos with Chicken

Nachos with Chicken


Deryl and Bre aren’t big beer drinkers, but they did like some of the lighter, summer beers.


Deryl ordered a pint of the Sirius Summer Ale. Bre went with a Frozen Strawberry Margarita.




Mark ordered a pint of the Samurai. He liked it refreshing on a hot summer day, but also a beer that we haven’t seen in the stores around us.



Megan got a pint of the Sunfish Wheat Ale.


We visited at the end of the summer, so we sat outside on the deck. There is a really nice view of the water from the deck.


view from the deck


view of part of the deck


Tables on the lower level- also nice




Megan got the Chicken Caesar Salad

Megan got the Chicken Caesar Salad


Bre’s Caesar Salad with Calamari


Deryl’s hickory BBQ burger


Mark got Fish Tacos

Mark got Fish Tacos, really good with an interesting sauce



Caparse Sandwhich

Lizzie had the Caprese Sandwich





Bre’s birthday lunch group! Lizzie, Deryl, Bre, Mark and Megan



the ladies! darn sun


Want to visit?
Open year-round 7 days a week
11:30am – 1:00am
Late night menu after 9:00pm
Dinner served until 10:00pm Friday and Saturday
Brunch specials every Sunday from 10:00am – 2:00pm