Our 100th Visit! Cambridge Brewing Company


We planned our 100th visit for the Cambridge Brewing Company. The brew pub has been operating since 1989, and is in an old mill building, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their beers are both traditional and experimental. They were the first commercial American brewery to produce a Belgian beer. Their food menu is just as diverse, offering food that shows what New England is about.


Mark and Megan

We went on March 7th, the 2 year anniversary of our first post on this blog. We let our friends and family know we were going, and almost all whom had been on a visit with us before was able to go! 17 people came to celebrate with us (19 in all), so we have a lot of pictures.


Sam enjoying her beer



Andrea enjoying her ….. water.




Heather …. just being weird.




Dustin chugging his beer.




Mark and Marilynn




We ordered nachos for an appetizer. When the rest of the table saw them they put in another order or 2. Since there were so many of us they had pitchers of water on the table for us.




Very cheesey nachos, with Sam making an angry face. But look in the background, as well as pitchers they sell a beer tube? tower? We didn’t get one, but we did see them.



Pete noticed the camera.



Regatta Golden
Al ordered this beer, the first beer on the list under year round beers. It’s the lightest beer they make, similar to what Al drinks regularly. He liked it, as well as Sam and Andrea, simple and light. Not enough flavor for Megan and Mark.



Al sharing the Regatta Golden.



Tall Tale Pale Ale
Marilynn ordered, she did not like it, not what she was expecting. Dustin liked it, Mark thought it was a fairly hoppy, somewhat typical Pale Ale.


Morning Dew Saison
It has a bit of a funky smell to it, thankfully doesn’t taste like that. Marilynn and Heather liked it, refreshing. Andrea thought it was ok. Megan and Mark liked it, light body, fruity-ish flavor, probably the elderflowers.



The parents: Al, Sheila, Jim, and Marilynn


Machinery of Night
Whiskey scent and flavor, followed by a sour aftertaste. There was a sweetness to it, probably from the barrel aging, and a tart finish. Light in body, especially for a barrel aged beer. Everyone liked this beer, wouldn’t drink a lot of it, but it is good for a pint.



Big Man IPA
Hoppy IPA, a mild wintery spice taste, aggressively dry hopped, adds that extra flavor. Mark and Jason thought it was pretty good, hoppy IPA with a little extra flavor.


Charles River Porter
Robust, roasty, coffee flavor, good overall balance and taste. Most people liked this beer as well.


Sgt. Peppers
Amber color, spicy, peppery taste. Good, interesting flavor, after a whole pint it did get quite spicy. Mark liked it and bought a bottle.





Look at that pour!


Kafka’s Hat Simcoe
Strong smell, piney, earthy style IPA. Chris, Jason and Mark all thought it was decent. Not Mark’s favorite style IPA, but it was pretty good.


Smile from Chris.




Moving down the table, Andrea, Bre, Deryl, Michelle, and Kevin. Big, cool mural in the background.



Other side of the table, Sheila, Jim, Jason, Melitta, and Katrina.



Mark chatting with Jim.




Burger and fries

Mark got the burger and fries, good burger really good fries. A lot of people got the burger and liked it. Dustin got bacon on his and thought there could have been a little more.




Steak, twice baked potato, and onion rings

Megan and Andrea both got the steak and liked it.




Burger with salad

Heather got the BBQ burger with a salad. Burger and roll were good, could have used a little more BBQ sauce. Salad dressing was light and refreshing.




Braised Chicken pizza

Katrina and Kevin got the Braised chicken pizza that had feta, potatoes, spinach and sundried tomatoes. An odd mix, but it was good.




Panini and fries


Melitta got the Beet Salad and enjoyed it. Chris had the Duck, it was tasty.









The whole table, all 19 of us, plus a random waiter.




Want to Visit?


 Monday  11:30am- 11:00pm
 Tuesday – Thursday  11:30am – 12:00am
 Friday  11:30am- 1:00am
 Saturday  11:00am-1:00am
 Sunday  11:00am- 11:00pm

Tributary Brewing Company, Kittery, ME


Tributary Brewing Company just opened at the beginning of September 2014. This brewery has been eagerly anticipated in the Seacoast region. The company is owned by a husband and wife team,  Galen and Tod Mott, that’s why everyone is so excited about this brewery.



Sheila, Jim and Mark


Mark’s parents were up to visit and we were out and about, so we decided to stop in a Tributary and try some beers.



Our tasting:

Pumpkin Ale
Earthy taste with pumpkin spices but not too strong.



our tray of three flights (Sheila and Jim shared)


Oatmeal Stout
Nice smell – stouty caramel. A smooth beer with a good taste. Sheila doesn’t normally like dark beers but she actually liked this one.



Sheila enjoying the Oatmeal Stout


Pale Ale
Good pale ale, subtle taste, smooth, a slightly fruity/ melony taste. It was dry hopped with citra and a few others, maybe that is the ‘little extra taste’.



Mark and Megan enjoying their beer.


Hop Harvest
Hoppy but balanced flavor. Mark was excited to try this wet hopped beer, and was happy, a good flavorful beer. Sheila liked it too.



Jim making sure Sheila took it easy.


One of bartenders came over to check on us to see if everything was good. We were able to ask a few questions at that point, which was perfect because it was Galen, one of the co-owners.



a more serious picture of Mark and Megan



We got our sample flights at the bar, but went over to sit on a church pew and a few chairs around a coffee table.




They also have 3 picnic tables set up on the other side.




The bar can seat about 8 people.



Brewery dog and some comfy chairs.


They have a setup which is becoming common among micro brews. A cool atmosphere with plenty of seating where you can go and drink some good beer.




They have plenty of parking, and the Belle’s on Wheels food truck sets up every other weekend if you want to grab some food, you can bring it into the brewery if you want. They also have live music most weekends.


We will definitely be back, and we are excited to see what else will be coming out from this brewery.


Check them out on Facebook, their website isn’t up and running yet.

Want to visit?
Hours of Operation:

Wed – Sat: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sun: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm