Rapscallion Table and Tap, Acton, MA

We recently stopped at Rapscallion Table and Tap in Acton, MA on the way back up to NH. We found them in a recent issue of Yankee Brew News. We thought we were going to a brewpub, but they technically are not a brewpub, more of a satellite location. The brewery and taproom are located in Fiskdale, MA and that is where all the beer is made. They don’t actually brew on location at the Table and Tap in Acton.




We weren’t quite sure where to go when we got there. We went through the patio and into the bar and needed to wait to be seated. Once we did the service was good, and they brought over some ice water right when we sat down.




We ordered 2 sampler trays so we could try all 8 beers that they had on tap. It was $6 for each sample tray which had four 4oz pours.




Rapscallion Honey – 4.5%
Megan liked it, better than expected, not a typical extra pale ale. Wildflower and honey added nice flavors. Mark thought it was smooth and light with subtle flavors, not an overly sweet honey flavor. This is their flagship beer made with honey sourced from local farms and Sturbridge Village.


Lager – 5.1%
Megan thought it was crisp and refreshing, although it still taste like a lager which she is not a big fan of. Mark thought it was better than expected with a good flavor and balance, fairly straight forward lager. Made from the recipe originally developed by Harvard Brewing Company in 1898.




Acton Ale – 3.8%
Made specifically for Table and Tap, a light bodied ale with a light hoppy flavor, on the flowery side.


Rapscallion Blonde – 7%
Belgian flavor, though not that strong of a taste. A heavy bodied ale with subtle flavors of coriander and orange.




Pale – 6%
Mark liked it, good flavor and good balance of flavors, hoppy and bitter but neither dominate, a touch sweet.


Rye IPA – 6%
A red ale made with 30% rye malt and 5 hops. A red taste, bitter overall, a bitter taste and a bitter after taste. Megan did not like it.




Oyster Stout
Heavy and strong flavor with medium body. Definite stout taste, with a touch of sweetness.


Belgium IPA
Belgium flavor a little more pronounced, good flavor, with a hint of hoppy undertones. Good beer, we both liked this.




We sat outside to eat, it was a nice Sunday afternoon. They have a nice patio with a handful of tables and umbrellas. Nice atmosphere outside, it looked kind of a small inside, but we didn’t see too much in there.







Mark ordered the meatloaf sandwich. It was tasty, on a nice roll, and fries were good.



Megan got the classic cheeseburger



Want to visit?

Table and Tap Hours

Wednesday – Sunday 11:30 AM to Close
Monday and Tuesday – Closed


The Flying Goose Brew Pub and Grille, New London NH


We stopped at The Flying Goose Brew Pub and Grille in New London, NH on our way back from Vermont. It is only a mile of off Interstate 89. We sat on the dining room side for a late lunch, we only peeked into the bar side.

They have been open since 1996, and are have an interesting operation going. They of course use local ingredients and local products to make their beers, including the hops the grow and harvest right outside the restaurant.




Solar panels are visible from the dining room. Solar power provides 100% of the energy to heat the water and tanks in the brewery.



We did not know that!





We ordered 2 samplers, the Seasonal Sampler and the Year Round Sampler.


Seasonal Sampler



War Saison
Smokey, paprika flavor. Smooth taste, not overbearingly smoky.

Pale Rider Saison
Smells and taste similar to a Blue Moon. Light in color but malty and a little bit citrusy, with that coriander taste.




Famine Saison
Smells like pickles, doesn’t taste like pickles though. Taste like a typical saison, was ok, but the first 2 beers were more interesting.


Certainly has a fall beer taste to it. Lighter than an Okterberfest. Reminded Megan of Cherrios.



The sampler trays are made from a hard plastic, which is a good idea. They could be washed a million time and will not get stained or damaged like everyone else’s wooden trays.


Much cloudier, maybe a weiz with a sour? Gruit, somewhat sour, but not super sour. It was our favorite beer.


Year Round Sampler



Wild Flower Honey Ale – 5.1%
Brewed with flower, honey and aromatic malts. Megan expected more honey upfront, but was hidden by the malts.


Perley Town English Style IPA – 6.69%
Good, unique ipa flavor. Smooth, a little less hoppy. Made with barista malts for a distinct bready malt influence.  




Lupulin Suplex Double IPA – 8.7%
Really good double, flavorful, strong but tasty with a bright, citrusy, hop flavor. Megan liked this for a double, still not her type of beer though.


Crocket’s Corner Oatmeal Stout – 8%
Good, very dark color, smooth and flavorful taste, slightly roasted. Megan was hoping for a little more flavor from it.




Mikey’s Vyce Black IPA – 7.74%
Very hoppy, strong flavor. A little too strong, you can taste the high alcohol content a little bit.

It was $5.99 for a 5 sampler tray. They had 8 regular and 5 seasonal beers on tap when we were there. We could pick the year round/regular beers, but they were out of 4 different beers that were on the menu.



Kielbasa Flatbread

We ordered an appetizer to have with the sampler trays. It was really good.

For dinner…..



Meatloaf Sandwich


Really good, homemade, good cheese, good bbq sauce, the fries were good. The bread seems fresh liked it was baked there.



Siracha Chicken Sandwich

 Really spicey, but in a good way.


The restaurant was rustic, and very home like.



Want to visit? Open for Lunch and Dinner!
Monday to Saturday – 11:30am-9:00pm, Sunday 11:30am – 8:00pm