Boston Beer Works – Fenway Park Location


Near the end of the summer we went in to see a Red Sox game and got into Boston a little early. We decided to get some food and a few beers at Boston Beer Works, right across the street from Fenway Park. Of course, on game day they were really busy. They are used to it and they handled the crowd well.


View from front door of Fenway

View from Beer Works of Fenway


While waiting for a table we ordered beers from the bar. They had a designated spot to step up and order beers, then you have to move. This is something you don’t see at most bars, but we were very happy to see it here. Megan ordered the Watermelon, which she had before and really liked, and Mark ordered an Imperial Wit.


Imperial Wit

Megan smelled banana. It was tangy and maybe a little sour. Looks like an unfiltered beer.


Beer Menu

Beer Menu



They said it would be a 30 minute wait, but it was only about 15 minutes so we were happy.


We ordered a sample tray so we could tastes beers we have not had before. We had gone to Lowell Beer Works earlier in the summer, read the post here 

Beers on tap

Beers on tap

We wanted to try different beers than we had before, so we picked out some beers we may not have normally tried. They have 7 different Beer Works locations in and around Boston and we’ve been to 2 so far. We hope to try each one at a different time of year, so we can try all of their beers.



Beer Samples

Beer Samples



Castle Rock Raspberry

Great raspberry smell. Sweeter taste than we expected. Mark thought it was pretty good, defintily a light tasting summery beer with a raspberry flavor. A little sweet but not overbearing. Megan thought it was close to jolly rancher, a little too sweet for her.


Patriot Pilsner

Just ok, neither of us are huge fans of pilsners in general. The blonde beer we ordered wasn’t available so thy replaced it with this one. Not one we would have picked.


Imperial Pilsner

Mark liked this a lot better- more to it, more substance I guess. It definitely had more flavor.


Houblon Rouge

Belgian red IPA. Dark in color lighter in taste




Food came out super quick, we just ordered a couple of appetizers since there would be food at the game.



Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings


Buffalo had good flavor, it wasn’t just hot. Blue cheese seemed house made, Mark thought it was really good.





Pretzel Bread Balls


Rich cheese sauce



All the beers they have on tap now are different from the 2 visits we had during the summer. Summer beers are gone and pumpkin and fall beers are here.


Opposite Fenway Park since 1992
61 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Open Daily from 11:00AM – 1AM

*FENWAY LOCATION – Opens early for Red Sox Opening Day, Marathon Monday and other early Sox/Event Days.


batting practice before the game!


Oh, did we mention we had tickets in a suite, for free?




View of the field

View of the field


Us at the game

Us at the game

Lowell Beer Works, Lowell MA

IMG_1263Lowell Beer Works is part of the Beer Works chain, which has 7 different locations. This is actually the location where the brewing and bottling happens. IMG_1264Each location also brews for their own location. We did not take a tour when we were there, though you can. This is a cool location, cool design and décor. They have a big bar inside. We sat outside on the front patio which was nice, they have umbrellas for the sun, or rain.


Mark, looking over our beer options

  IMG_1268 IMG_1271 IMG_1269

We both ordered a 4 oz Sampler of 4 Beers.IMG_1276  IMG_1275

Watermelon – 4.4% – IBU 22

Megan thought it had a good watermelon to beer balance. Did not taste like a jolly rancher, which Megan liked. Mark wasn’t as big of a fan, too subtle of a watermelon taste. Reminded him a little bit of a Budweiser, probable because it was a light golden ale. The beer came with a slice of Watermelon in it, that was a nice touch.


Haymarket Hefeweizen – 5% – IBU 24

We both liked this, a little bit of a different flavor for a Hefeweizen. Smooth and creamy upfront with a spicy secondary taste that hits in the back of the throat.


IMG_1277Bunker Hill Blueberry

Light in color, smells like blueberries. Lighter style beer than other blueberries we have had. Good blueberry flavor, good balance of flavors. Refreshing flavor, good for summer.


Salem Amber Hefeweizen

Not as light of a color, because it is an amber Hefeweizen. Gives it a different, slightly more robust taste. Has a hint of something at the end, maybe banana? Megan liked the Haymarket Hefeweizen better.


Double Apricot Saison – 8% – IBU 28

Good, not something Megan would typically order, but it sounded like an interesting flavor. It was a tart, light beer with lots of flavor.


Pale 2 (AKA Double Pale Ale) – 8% – IBU 85

Smells like a pale ale. Strong flavor, as expected, pretty standard, but not in a bad way.


Boot’s Nut Brown Ale – 4.5% – IBU 38

Pretty smooth, light body, good flavor.


Redeemer – 8.2% – IBU 38

Smells like a strong beer. Very hoppy and bitter.


Megan’s favorites were the Watermelon and the Haymarket Hefeweizen. There were so many beers that we didn’t try. They had 17 of their own beers on tap in May! A few beers were on ‘overtime’, they just had a little bit leftover they were selling. They did have some more ‘normal’ sounding beers, but we chose to try the most interesting sounding ones, or the ones we thought we would like.


IMG_1280  IMG_1282Potato Bacon Cheddar Spring Rolls

This was a cool take on potato skins. They were good, but unfortunately the ones Mark ate didn’t have any bacon in them. They could have used more bacon.



cooked to perfection!


Cheeseburger Sliders

Juicy, cooked well, good burgers.




Mudpie Dessert



Our “Dessert time” serving of Watermelon beer!

Three different people took care of us, very attentive. Although it was lunchtime and not terribly busy, they were attentive. We have been at other places when it has been not crowded and the service was still slow, so we were very happy with this!


a view at the bar


beer to go!


Want to Visit?IMG_1292

Lowell hours: Sunday – Thursday 11:00 AM – Midnight
Friday & Saturday 11:00 AM – 1 AM



Blue Hills Brewery

IMG_2247[1]This weekend, in 2013, we visited the Blue Hills Brewery, located in Canton, Massachusetts. With Mark and I were: his brother Jason, sister Michelle (who had visited Flag Hill Winery with us), and their mother, Sheila. Jason and Michelle had both been to a brewery before, but this was the first experience for Sheila.


We went Saturday around 4pm, and it was packed! Always a good sign,  because it implies the beer is good, but sometimes means you can’t have a personalized experience or an opportunity to ask many questions. When we entered the brewery, we were greeted, but were still uncertain about where to go/what to do since different brewery’s have different systems set up. We also weren’t certain that the person who had greeted us worked there, as often breweries have a very friendly following. After a minute or so, space by the bar opened up and we moved in. We were told we could try the beers in order, or go from lightest to heaviest. We chose to move across the spectrum- lightest to heaviest. IMG_2246[1] The beers, lined up on the counter to try
 IMG_2252[1]IMG_2251[1]They had a booklet listing the beers they create, with descriptions. Helpful since it was so busy!

Pomegranate Wampatuck Wheat
: German hefeweizen & unfiltered. Not overly fruity, a good balance. Slight tartness with a wheat finish. 4.8% ABV. Michelle & I both bought a bomber of this.

Blueberry Wampatuck Wheat: great blueberry flavor. Tastes like it would be perfect with either a graham cracker rim or vanilla ice cream.

Watermelon Wampatuck Wheat: German hefeweizen & unfiltered. Initial smell- jolly rancher. Tastes just like a watermelon jolly rancher. Perfect beer for those overly hot, sticky, summer days. 4.8% ABV. Michelle bought one of these in a bomber.
Antimatter: English Mild Ale. A session beer. sort of a “plain” beer. Nothing jumped out at you.
Red Baron Ale: seemed hoppy for an Irish Red
Black Hops Beer: fun label- black opps like. Description mentioned hints of coffee and chocolate, but I didn’t really taste either. Wish it has had a stronger flavor, but it also could have been because I was using the same cup and it might have not meshed well with the Red Baron Ale. It didn’t taste as dark as it looked, which I think most in our group preferred. 6.75% ABV
At this point, another staff member started to help pour the tastings, which helped immensely. We were then given more of an opportunity to ask questions about the beer and make comments about it.  
Comet Tail: brewed with “a healthy dose of hops.” Citrus, but sweet and mellow. I really enjoyed this one, and felt like it was a great summer ale. 5.4% ABV.  I went home with a bomber of the Comet Tail.
India Pale Ale (IPA): smooth flavor. everyone with the exception of myself really liked this one. I am not a big IPA drinker, so this made sense to me. 6.6% ABV. Jason bought a bomber of IPA.
Double IPA:  I liked this one much better than the IPA. Mark bought a growler of this.
Imperial Red IPA: unfiltered beer, a combination of their red ale and IPA. The man working stated “strongest one, misleadingly smooth.” It was too much for Michelle’s taste.
I had first heard about the Blue Hills Brewery while I was working nearby, at the Blue Hills Ski Area. The Ski Area had the pleasure of inviting the Brewery to events throughout past seasons, but I was typically working and thus, unable to try the beer. I had been looking forward to going to Blue Hills Brewery for awhile, and am glad we went.
They offer many seasonal beers and we might have to go back to try some again.
For purchase, most beers are offered in six packs, bombers (24oz) and growlers (64oz). The deposit for the growler is inexpensive compared to other breweries, at only $2 a bottle. Price per fill varies depending on which beer it is. Bombers are only $3. They do not use a distributor so they are able to keep prices low for their customers.
The brewery offers complimentary tastings: Wednesdays 5-8, Fridays 3p-7p, and Saturdays 1p-7p. Check their website or facebook before you go.
The cups we bought to add to our growing collection.
IMG_2253[1]Pomegranate Wampatuck Wheat, Double IPA and Comet Tail