Rocky Coast Brewing at Post Road Tavern, Ogunquit, ME

Permanently CLOSED

During our visit at SoMe Brewing Company, we were asked if we had visited the Post Road Tavern in Ogunquit. We hadn’t, so we decided to go there for an early dinner and try their beer.

 IMG_1030  IMG_1028  IMG_1038

From the website:

“Post Road Tavern is a restaurant providing high quality dinners at reasonable prices. We feature British selections mixed with American PRT Specialties. All of our food is freshly made. We also have a full service bar.
Rocky Coast Brewing creates craft Ales within the Post Road Tavern restaurant. It features hand crafted “pico” brews. If you want to know more about the Brewery ask for Jim or Tom.”


From Mark’s memory – Wasn’t particularly attractive outside, just kind of a generic look. Service was good, beers were good. Beers were interesting but not too crazy. Seems like it would be a good place for people visiting on vacation, but should keep local residents happy as well.


The Beers:

They did not have a sampler tray, so we ordered a few pints and tried each one, unfortunately did not get to try all the beers on tap.

IMG_1035 The Duke Coffee Milk Stout – 4.2%
Definitely a heavy flavored beer. Mark thought it had more of a coffee taste, Megan got more of a traditional stout taste. Either way, it was pretty good.

IMG_1034White Wheat Ale
Somewhat light and flavorful, similar to Blue Moon.

IMG_1047Noldernbrau Rye-Pilsner
An odd taste, kind of hard to place. Maybe a heavy rye taste with a light pilsner taste? It was a little sour, but toned itself down. Unfiltered.


Pub Crisps were good, loaded with bacon, cheese lettuce and tomato as well.


We ordered wings as well. Both types of wings seemed to be cooked first, they were crispy, and then tossed in sauce. Sauces were pretty good though.

IMG_1042Parmesan and garlic wings had a white garlic sauce, with shredded Parmesan on top, which was interesting and good!

IMG_1044Chipotle Maple wings were good, Mark liked the pairing of flavors.


Service was very good, the waitress was attentive.


view of the fermentation area from the restaurant area- even if the brewer isn’t around, you are able to peak in the windows and see most of the brewery, which is nice.

Before we left, we were able to have a quick tour of the 3 and a half barrel brewery. It is on the small side, but the brewer is very passionate about his brewing. IMG_1041  IMG_1048  IMG_1050


Beers On Tap Right Now

Thunder Cock Double IPA – 8.6%
D.U.I. Dark Unfiltered India Brown Ale
RCB Summer Wheat Ale – 4.9%
The Duke Coffee Milk Stout – 4.2%
03907 IPA – 4.91%
Breakfast at Tig’s Before, During & After Thanksgiving Morning Belgian Strong Ale
Noldenbrau Rye-Pils


Permanently CLOSED

Tues-Fri 3pm-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm daily
Serving full menu til 9pm, Late night menu available after 9pm
Open for Lunch on Sat & Sundays at Noon


Granite State Growler Tours, LLC

Mark and I recently went on a Granite State Growler Tour.

picstitchGreta the Growler Getta, aka the tour bus

The tour currently leaves from Hampton, NH. Once you step on board “Greta the Growler Getta,” you are brought to 2-3 different breweries as well as a distillery and a great craft beer store. You are provided with fun facts about the Seacoast New Hampshire area, a delicious homemade pretzel, a cooler full of water, and a cooler to hold any growlers you may purchase along the way. Why pay to do a Granite State Growler Tour? How else can you visit multiple breweries and/or distilleries in the same day (without having a DD),  get some great discounts (more on that later), learn some fun facts about the history of beer in New Hampshire, and maybe make some new friends.  You also are able to interact with many of the brewers, and get special attention from them due to the tour occurring when most of the breweries are closed to the public.  Depending on what they are working on, you also might have the option to try something new, that is still in the works or not bottled yet for public consumption. It was great to have a basically care free day, with the ability to make many visits without having to worry about one of us driving.

We went on the “Sunday Driver” tour, which consisted of visits to: Earth Eagle Brewings (Portsmouth NH), Sea Hagg Distillery (Hampton NH), Top Shelf Brews (Hampton NH) and Blue Lobster Brewing Company (Hampton NH).  When we climbed onto the bus, we filled out waivers, and were given “Tasting Notes” (to keep track of any notable beers- see below),picstitch (4)

star stickers (to label growlers), a coupon to use on a future visit to Top Shelf Brews, and a homemade pretzel (made with Blue Lobster- Excess Is Not Rebellion IPA). We were also notified that if we went to Community Oven (also in Hampton, where the tour begins and ends), we could purchase a 20oz beer for the price of a 16oz beer after the tour. The tour started with introductions- we found out that David (owner and driver) and Mark (partner and tour guide) have known each other since third grade!

picstitch (1)yummy, homemade pretzel!

Oh! I almost forgot- you also receive a name tag at the beginning of the tour, to not only make sure you stay with the group, but to guarantee any of the stops know you are with the tour for any additional discounts, or special access.


Mark, the tour guide, really knows his history. He told us a lot of great information about the area, both beer history and otherwise. Although Mark (the boyfriend and co-author of this blog) and I did not know a lot of the area’s history prior to, we also feel that those familiar with the area will enjoy it as well- I shared some of the stories with co-workers and they hadn’t heard the stories before.

Did you know that Portsmouth is the third oldest establishment in the United States (after Jamestown and Plymouth of course!). Things were different in Portsmouth from the beginning, as they came to reap the benefits of the new world, and immediately began to brew beer from their surroundings. Spruce tips, strawberries and apples were all used to make beer, basically whatever they could get their hands on. Settled in 1630, in 1642 a tavern was established. Portsmouth was allowed to have 6 taverns, although most towns were strictly limited to 2.  Only upstanding individuals were allowed to operate taverns, and they had to pledge to not serve to Native Americans or slaves. I would love to share some more of their stories now- but I want you to have something other than delicious beer and rum to look forward to! picstitch (12)

Mark, our tour guide

The stops we made:

Earth Eagle Brewings: Located in Portsmouth, NH, also runs a home brewing store (A&G Homebrew Supply), which we had a tour of and received some great information about the brewing process in. They operate a one barrel brewery, so the beers are always changing and never quite the same. They make a type of beer I was not familiar with until now, gruits, which is beer made without hops.  See my post about Earth Eagle Brewings here!

Sea Hagg Distillery: Located in Hampton, NH creates true, colonial style rum.  It was started by a couple who thought of the idea while on vacation in the Caribbean. Rum is a true New Hampshire item, as it was written in every town budget in the 17th and 18th century. See my post about Sea Hagg Distillery here!

Top Shelf Brews: Located in Hampton, NH is a craft brew store. One of their biggest draws is that they do mixed six-packs. Mark and I bought a mixed four-pack, of four beers and ciders we hadn’t tried before but looked interesting. Great store to go to find a new craft beer, or that hard to find beer.

Blue Lobster Brewing Company: also located in Hampton, NH was started as a retirement hobby and turned into a retirement job.  They feature small batch specialty brews. See more in my post about Blue Lobster Brewing Company here!


One of the great things about Granite State Growler Tour is that they are willing to go the extra mile, and do private events of any location. Both David and Mark are interested in beer, and like making new connections as well as (on their own time) trying new beer. Who knows? Maybe we will join them on a future tour, elsewhere. to cross other breweries or wineries off our list!


Mark and I purchased glasses at each stop, as well as a glass koosie at Sea Hagg.

picstitch (2)

I also won a glass on the tour!picstitch (5)

We also went home with a growler of Sage Goose from Earth Eagle Brewings. Thank you to Granite State Growler Tours for keeping it cold for us in the cooler while we enjoyed the rest of the tour!

picstitch (3)The sticker on the Sage Goose top is the star sticker we were given at the beginning of the tour- so we could mark the growlers we took home.


Another great thing, is that the tour begins and ends outside of the Community Oven, located in Hampton NH. The Community Oven will hold a table for any in the tour that would like to continue drinking or want something to eat after the tour. David happened to have a coupon for a pizza, so Mark and I couldn’t argue about it- we had to try out The Community Oven!

picstitch (6)Mark outside of the Community Oven

picstitch (11)Their extensive beer list!

picstitch (10)

picstitch (7)Our yummy, free pizza!!

picstitch (9)Delicious, dry rub wings!


Want to go on a Granite State Growler Tour?

Saturday Beer Run

Begins at 11:00am and returns around 4pm.

Stops include:

Sea Hagg Distillery

Throwback Brewery

Blue Lobster Brewing

Earth Eagle Brewings

Venues and times are subject to change even during the tour

Sunday Driver

Begins at 11:30am and returns around 3pm.

Stops include:

Earth Eagle Brewings

Blue Lobster Brewing

Sea Hagg Distillery

Venues and times are subject to change even during the tour

Go here to register for a tour!